In January of 2011, one of my good friends approached me and said, ‘Mich, we have to lose weight.’ I just bought new work clothes(size 12) and was up to 165 lbs. She was right, it was time for me to focus and get it together. I joined the gym and did the whole New Year’s resolution thing and started working out and trying to eat better.

Then one day in late February/early March, Janice came up to me while I was on the treadmill and asked me to come check out Booty Camp this Saturday. I’m thinking, ‘Oh, Brother. I hate classes and what is this all about?’ Regardless, I figured, what harm can it do?

That Saturday, I went to weigh in... I am 149.8 lbs. Ugh, ok, fine. Whatever, I only wanted to lose 10-15 lbs. to begin with. Then here comes the body fat. 27.6%! Um...can someone tell me what that means? I just kept it moving...moving to the end of the line. But, I stayed for the class and listened to Janice, and felt motivated and inspired. Then I looked at the meal plan and thought can I really do this? But i figured; let me see if i can...I mean, look at her! Who does’t want to look that good?

So, I did exactly what she said, and I went to every class every Saturday (I missed one). I was losing weight before but this was something entirely different. My body literally transformed right before my eyes. I was walking into work and people kept telling me I need to buy new clothes. Of course, this is after weeks of ‘buy a belt!’ When 12 weeks had come and gone, I was down to 131.5 and 22.1% in body fat and the 1st booty camp winner ever!

First of all, to me it really wasn’t about winning, I just really wanted to soak up Janice’s knowledge , learn how to eat, learn how to work out, etc. Secondly, as my body started becoming more toned of course that motivated me to stick with it. Lastly, I never thought I would ever buy a size 2 but I finally did...and happily wore it to Vegas that summer for my annual trip thanks to some hard work.

I still stick with the meal plan, wake up to get to the gym every morning to lift weights and keep my strength up there ( strong is the new skinny), and do cardio. My body has completely transformed and dare I say that even my size 2’s are now slightly baggy 7 years later???? It is a life style change,not a diet! Remember that!
— Michelina Katsimbris

As a relatively new client of Empowered Fitness, I can honestly say that, with Janice, I’ve not only found a personal trainer but a partner that is as committed to my fitness journey as I am. Through Janice’s training, these past four months has been an amazing journey of learning what to eat and how my body responds to exercise. I currently have a 27 lb. weight loss and noticeable muscle definition. My motivation is through the roof! I eagerly look forward to each session with Janice and a long relationship with Empowered Fitness.

Janice Powers is truly and excellent trainer and I can’t speak highly enough of her. I have been training with Janice for several years and she encourages and challenges me with every workout. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and able to customize workouts to achieve your goals. Janice takes the time to understand your needs and tailors her approach accordingly. She combines her knowledge of training methodologies, proper form and nutrition (including realistic meal plans), with and enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients. Her friendly, motivational, and easygoing personality will have you working harder/stronger than you thought possible. She is the perfect combination of tough and caring. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly enjoyable. I have participated in several of Janice’s Booty Camps and I have found her passionate an willing to go the extra mile, which made sessions hard work but fun. Thanks to her knowledge of fitness and nutrition, I have lost weight, and reached a level of fitness that I thought unattainable. With her continued guidance and support, I’m beyond excited to take my fitness goals to the nextlelvel. Moreover, we have developed a lasting, loyal friendship. I consider myself lucky to have found Janice and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in achieving their fitness and nutritional goals.

Thank you, Janice, for helping me become healthier, stronger, happier, and more confident!

~Rose M.

To: Janice and Jamie....

Thank you so much for the motivation to get healthy and for the friendships made!
— Your friends in Smyrna

I have tried to work out on my own for years and I thought I knew what to do. I just needed to focus. Well, I lacked motivation and became depressed and gained almost 100 pounds in two years. I bought tons of home fitness programs, equipment, shake diets...nothing stuck! Then I finally had a moment where I saw a picture of myself. I didn’t even recognize who I was! After talking with a co-worker, he recommended Jennifer for personal training. It has been the best decision I have made in my weight loss journey in years! Since working out with Jenn, I have seen and improvement in my attitude and overall disposition. I am starting to feel like myself again and wanting to be more active in my life, instead of just making excuses for the way I have been. Jenn is an amazing motivator! She is always so positive and encouraging. I have never felt judged when working with her. She knows her stuff! If there is something I can’t do or struggle with, she either has a modified version or another workout that I could do instead. I can’t recommend Jenn or Empowered Fitness enough! If you are tired of making excuses and ready to see real results, they will get you where you want to be!
— Megan E Guarnieri
Carlene has the ability to work with anyone at any fitness level and set you up to do things you never imagined you do!

Her interest in her clients isn’t short term; she wants to work to help her clients embrace a new lifestyle. So whatever your goal is, not only will she help you achieve it, she’ll help you reach beyond it!
— Teresa Barbour